How we do things around here.

Major Global Website Overhaul

Redesigning a site on a new platform isn’t for the weak at heart

Thriving in the highly competitive healthcare software and services industry means overcoming a multitude of challenges – one of those being the ease to communicate with clients quickly with a secure and powerful website.

Quick-turn Website Makeover

A corporate merger means a lot of website work ASAP

Two hospitality technology companies merge and the marketing department has to scramble to bring the new website online as soon as possible. With a short timeline and limited internal bandwidth, they turn to Liaison’s web development team.

Big Project, Small Budget

How to rebrand a billion dollar company in less than 90 days

A Fortune 100 company spins off a major division, prompting a total rebrand of all print and digital collateral. Liaison’s Micro Team marketing services provided the perfect solution at the right price.

Challenge Accepted

Tackle the most challenging projects with just one call to the Liaison Studio

When a Fortune 50 technology company consolidated a collection of separate products into a single product family, they needed high-quality sales and creative marketing materials fast. The Liaison Studio saved the day.

A Marketing Hero Saves the Day

Again and again

When a major healthcare technology company decided to make its financial decision support software division a new, independent sub-brand, they quickly realized that it would be a daunting task. They needed a brand identity, marcom collateral and a complete marketing and sales strategy. So, they turned to Liaison.

Doing More With Less

Liaison helps a global consulting firm expand their bandwidth

Having a highly matrixed, dispersed organizational structure comes with the territory of being a multi-national accountancy and consulting firm. Multiple business groups, cross-practice teams and partner alliances create a complicated landscape, especially for the enterprise marketing team that supports them. So when this firm needed a helping hand, they turned to Liaison.

Tight Timelines

The Liaison Studio saves the day

When a major long-term healthcare software company needed marketing collateral for a fast-approaching customer-facing conference, they contacted their traditional marketing agency. When they saw the estimate, they were shocked. It was pretty obvious that the agency was taking great advantage of their dire need.

Custom Built Solutions for Specific Needs

A few key people in the right places can make all the difference in the world

A global technology company was spending over $200 each for web banners from their traditional agency. Liaison deployed a Micro Team of creatives and cut that cost by 94%.

Global Events Made Easy

Rapid planning and execution of major events at a fraction of the cost

Too often, major customer-facing events are stressful, hectic fire drills that threaten to bring your marketing operation to its knees. Liaison’s event management teams can handle it all from strategy to deployment.

Why Liaison

Since 1991, Liaison has connected the heart of creative with the mind of business. We’re the connection—the liaison—between these two worlds and we love it. We bring our passion for exceptional creative and our commitment to service to bear on every project, for every client. Let us show you how you can do more with your Marcom budget, faster and with the highest quality.

Our Values

We don’t exist in a vacuum. Liaison lives within the larger creative community, advancing the creative culture and celebrating the people who make it special—like E4 Youth, an Austin-area nonprofit that connects creative youth with careers in the graphic arts industries.

Our People

The Liaison team is made up of hundreds of creative marketing professionals from all walks of life. Our management team values diversity and inclusiveness and they work diligently to support every Liaison team member.