Frequently Asked Questions

Working with us, confidentiality and the hiring process…

General questions about Liaison…

So exactly what do you do?

We are a creative marketing agency whose employees typically (but not always) work onsite at our clients’ offices providing tactical creative and marketing services. It’s a different configuration with just about every client we serve. In some cases, Liaison manages entire creative services and marketing teams including designers, developers, project managers and many more people who work either onsite or offsite. In other cases, we deploy smaller teams of just a few people who are integrated into our clients’ existing operations. And for quite a few clients, we provide on-demand, project-based creative marcom services through our in-house Liaison Studio. It’s highly customized and, frankly, pretty unique.

What are some of the common misconceptions about Liaison?

Every firm with a unique business model encounters some common misconceptions about what they do. Liaison’s history of deploying our employees to work onsite for large corporate clients sometimes gets us lumped in with “staffing” companies. But our robust marcom service offerings easily differentiate us from that industry. We more closely resemble a traditional advertising agency with an innovative deployment model that accelerates timelines and increases quality with significant cost savings for our clients.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are among some of the largest corporations in the world, but we don’t share their names on our website or elsewhere. We respect their brands and we don’t try to leverage them for our own gain. Our services tend to be “white label,” without much emphasis on the Liaison brand. Our work is always executed with a keen eye to preserving and promoting our clients’ valuable brand, not our own.

Why do companies use Liaison to build creative marketing teams instead of just doing it themselves or using a staffing company or a traditional ad agency?

Because we can do it better. Seriously. We understand the creative and marketing industries and how to find the right person for the job. Our leadership team is made up of some the best creatives in the business with decades of experience managing creative teams, so we know our stuff. Unlike a staffing company, we don’t just deploy temps onsite; we provide the computer equipment, infrastructure, management team, and expertise to run the entire operation for our managed services clients. All at a cost that’s lower than if they did it themselves – and significantly lower than what a traditional ad agency charges. Basically, we’re awesome. And what’s more, we’re SUPER modest and fun to work with!


About the hiring process…

What should I expect if I apply to a job with Liaison?

First and foremost, you can expect a thorough evaluation of your entire application materials by one of our professional recruiters, followed by an honest communication about your suitability for the role. We’re not a headhunter or talent agent, so we aren’t really working on behalf of the job seekers, but we do work very hard to treat every candidate with respect and empathy. Our recruiting team makes its hiring decisions based on Liaison’s needs and our client’s needs and we obviously can’t hire everyone who applies. But it’s very important to us to be considered as an employer of choice among professionals in the creative marketing industry. So even if you are not selected for an interview or hired for an open position, you can be confident that you’ve received careful consideration.

Can I be considered for more than one job at once?

Sure! But you must apply to each and every position that matches your interest separately. Our job postings are not an open call for resumes. Each is a unique conversation about a specific need, so be sure to use the application to tie your goals and experience to the details of the job posting.

I don’t see anything on your website that fits my skills. What do I do?

Just keep checking back every few days to see if there’s anything new. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated on available positions. Or fill out the contact form on this page and you’ll get notifications via email.

How soon will I know about the status of my application?

Please give us two weeks to review your materials and get back to you. If you haven’t heard from us by then‚ follow up using the process we describe in the confirmation email you receive right after you apply.

I applied online but I never heard anything back from you!

You should always receive an automated email response from our candidate application system immediately after you submitted your application letting you know that your application was accepted. If you did not receive this email‚ then it was most likely caught by your email application’s spam filter, and more importantly‚ you may not receive any future emails from us about your application! Please set your spam filter to accept emails from “” and “” domain addresses.

I applied online and received the automated response email, but then I never heard from you again!

Our recruiters are absolutely committed to responding to every candidate within 2 weeks. If you haven’t heard from one of us after 2 weeks‚ please follow up with us using the process we describe in the confirmation email you receive right after you apply.

Why don’t you keep resumes “on file?”

We’ve found that it is far more efficient to broadcast our job opportunities when they come up and consider the candidates who are actively looking for work at that specific time. Resumes and candidate interest change frequently, so we encourage job seekers to keep an eye on our site and apply for any positions that interest them as soon as they become available.

Can I get an interview for general consideration?

It would be great if we could take the time to meet with every talented person who wants to work for us‚ but we just don’t have the bandwidth to do so. We have to focus our time on the large number of active jobs we have available at any given time – and the even larger number of candidates who are applying for those jobs.

How do you select the best candidate?

We start by reviewing each candidate’s application‚ cover letter, resume, and work samples if applicable. We pay attention to the connection between a candidate’s experience and the specific needs of our client, including the services and deliverables. A critical tool for candidates to use is the “Tell Us More” section to help us understand that connection. Once we’ve identified and interviewed the top candidates‚ we discuss our findings with the hiring manager to decide with whom to schedule further interviews. After the hiring manager has met with the top candidates, we check professional references and collaborate on a final hiring decision. Then we send out a written offer letter.

Why do you not include your client company’s name in the job description?

In many cases, our clients have asked us to keep their company name confidential. We try to give hints in the job description regarding what part of town and what type of industry the position is in. And we’ll certainly tell you who our client is once you advance to the interview stage in the process. But we respect our clients’ brands and we don’t try to leverage them for our own promotional value.


Working for Liaison…

What’s it like to work for Liaison?

When you’re hired by Liaison‚ you join our family. Our job is to support you in your new role and help make you successful. We provide a full range of benefits for our employees including paid sick‚ vacation, and holiday time; employer-paid medical‚ dental‚ life, and disability insurance coverage; Employee Assistance Program; Wellness Program; and a 401(k) retirement program with company matching.

If you hire me to work on a specific account, how easy is it to move to a different account if I want to change?

It’s been known to happen, but not very often. We like for our employees to build strong relationships with our clients, so we only consider you for opportunities on other accounts if our clients are brought in the loop and are aware of your interest in moving accounts.

Do you have positions that will allow me to work from home?

Yes. In fact, it’s becoming more and more common among our clients to allow some portion of the work to be done from home. One of our major marcom teams works almost entirely remotely. If the description doesn’t specifically say it’s a telecommuting opportunity‚ then it’s most likely an onsite, “in-office” role. We’ll discuss it with you during the interview process.

I’m from out of town. What are my chances?

You will always be more competitive for a position if you live in the same city. So if you are applying from out of town‚ you should provide a lot of detail about your date-specific relocation plans in your cover letter.



Where does my resume go and who will see it?

Liaison will only circulate your resume and personal information internally‚ and occasionally with our client if we select you as a finalist for a position. For more information‚ please refer to our privacy policy.

I don’t want my current employer to know I’m looking. Can you be discreet? Absolutely. We won’t contact your current employer until you’re being considered as a finalist‚ and then only if we clear it with you in advance.

“They were like an extension of our team and the end result was better than we could have done by ourselves.”

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“Your team are seriously the best agency contacts I’ve ever had. Thanks!”

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Why Liaison

For twenty-five years, Liaison has connected the heart of creative with the mind of business. We’re the connection – the liaison – between these two worlds and we love it. We bring our passion for exceptional creative and our commitment to service to bear on every project, for every client. Let us show you how you can do more with your marcom budget, faster and with the highest quality.

Our Values

We don’t exist in a vacuum. Liaison lives within the larger creative community, advancing the creative culture and celebrating the people who make it special – like E4 Youth, an Austin-area non-profit that connects creative youth with careers in the graphic arts industries.

Our Leadership

The Liaison team is made up of hundreds of creative marketing professionals from all walks of life.