At our core, Liaison is about solving problems. Whether it’s the immediate problem of a rapidly approaching deadline or the larger challenge of how to produce creative marketing collateral quickly and cost-effectively, we want to help.


We bring a specialized set of tools – our unique service offerings and desire to serve – to every job.


Our History

In 1991, Dave Claunch had a “light bulb” moment: freelancer creatives need clients and clients need creative freelancers. Why not build a business to connect the two? With this simple idea, Liaison was born.

Dave began brokering graphic design projects to his network of freelance talent, connecting Austin area communications agencies and enterprise companies with highly skilled, independent creative marketing professionals. Over the years, Liaison has grown steadily, evolving from a freelance brokerage house to a full-service marketing firm that provides end-to-end marketing services to enterprise organizations of all sizes. The Austin job market is hotter than ever, and Liaison sits at the epicenter of this fast-growing creative community.

From its headquarters in Austin, Texas, Liaison Creative + Marketing operates in several states across the country, serving clients around the world.

Our team is your team.

Our Promises

Lower Costs, Higher Volume

  • Lower your marketing costs by 30 to 50%.
  • Say “Yes!” even when your creative team is at capacity.
  • Get more for your marketing budget.

Consistent Brand Identity

  • Control and protect your valuable brand.
  • Unify your brand across multiple business units and divisions.
  • Promote brand compliance at every level of your company.

Lower Risks, Better Focus

  • Minimize team expansion risks.
  • Offload HR and management costs.
  • Focus on your marketing strategy and let us execute it.