Can't onboard your preferred photo or video specialists in time for the big shoot next week? We can help!

Let Liaison engage those small vendors for you.

Video and photo productions are complicated animals. There are a ton of details to handle, and lots of moving parts. Just coordinating the shoot is hard enough. Managing all the vendors, onboarding them with proper paperwork, and getting them paid quickly after production is a whole other level of complexity. It can take weeks or even months to onboard a new vendor through your corporate sourcing department, and it would be impossible to onboard them all on your quick timeline.

Liaison can help. Just onboard us and we'll handle the rest of it. We'll work with you to scope and estimate the shoot, draw up the statement of work, and get you what you need to initiate a purchase order in your company's system. With that ball rolling, we'll coordinate all the vendors, get them to sign all the critical engagement paperwork, and get them paid within days of the shoot.

We make it easy—for you and your vendors—while providing complete transparency, fiscal accountability, and legal compliance from non-disclosure agreements to usage rights and transfer of ownership.

Here's How

  • Contact us to discuss your production. We'll work with your sourcing/procurement department to get Liaison onboarded as an official vendor for your company.
  • Tell us about your project, give us a list of your vendors, and tell us what rate and usage rights you've negotiated with them.
  • We'll reach out to each vendor, introduce ourselves, and get them onboarded with the proper contract agreements and paperwork.
  • You manage your production and tell the vendors to send their invoices to us.
  • Once you approve the expenses, we issue payments to the vendors.
  • We invoice you for their work against the purchase order you provide. 

Spend your valuable time focusing on what's most important about the shoot: the creative quality of the final photo or video—and we'll handle everything else!

“I so appreciate how you guys have always come through for me—especially for this critical project!! It’s so nice to be able to reach out and get exactly what I need, when I need it.”

 – M. H.

“They were like an extension of our team and the end result was better than we could have done by ourselves.”

 – J. O.

“Your team are seriously the best agency contacts I’ve ever had. Thanks!”

 – A. F.

Why Liaison

Since 1991, Liaison has connected the heart of creative with the mind of business. We’re the connection—the liaison—between these two worlds and we love it. We bring our passion for exceptional creative and our commitment to service to bear on every project, for every client. Let us show you how you can do more with your Marcom budget, faster and with the highest quality.

Our Values

We don’t exist in a vacuum. Liaison lives within the larger creative community, advancing the creative culture and celebrating the people who make it special—like E4 Youth, an Austin-area nonprofit that connects creative youth with careers in the graphic arts industries.

Our People

The Liaison team is made up of hundreds of creative marketing professionals from all walks of life. Our management team values diversity and inclusiveness and they work diligently to support every Liaison team member.