The Liaison Studio saves the day, with quick work at a reasonable cost


When a major long-term healthcare software company needed marketing collateral for a fast-approaching customer-facing conference, they contacted their traditional marketing agency. When they saw the estimate, they were shocked. It was pretty obvious that the agency was taking great advantage of their dire need.

So, they called Liaison. We scoped, estimated, and executed the collateral project ahead of schedule and for a fraction of what their agency had quoted. Liaison’s marketing collateral played a pivotal role in supporting an event that was widely recognized as one of the best that the company had ever produced. They were happy and we were proud.

Since then, Liaison has produced multiple collateral projects—everything from an event logo, conference guide, and program materials to lead generation and product data sheets—all effectively conveying the brand’s story and message. Liaison’s expertise in the Marcom collateral space has allowed us to ensure that nothing slipped through the cracks when it came to producing a high-stakes event where attention to detail was crucial.

With tight deadlines and a very short turnaround time, Liaison moved quickly with expert project management, copy creation, and graphic design—finishing the job well ahead of schedule. Quick engagements, rapid response to all customer communications, and diligent efforts to shorten timelines while improving quality are the hallmark of Liaison’s services.

At a fraction of the cost of other traditional marketing companies, Liaison produced collateral more effectively and efficiently than the firm’s traditional agency. Soon after, they moved all of their Marcom collateral work to Liaison, and they haven’t looked back since.

Quality. Speed. Value. It’s what makes Liaison better.

Why They Picked Us

“Your team are seriously the best agency contacts I’ve ever had. Thanks!”

A. F.

“They were like an extension of our team and the end result was better than we could have done by ourselves.”

J. O.

“By bringing the build to Liaison, we are getting everything we want—speed, less cost, and better functionality for the company. The previous agency took forever, was expensive, and built a site that no one on the team could update internally. It’s so nice to be able to reach out and get exactly what I need when I need it. I really appreciate your resources and great work!”

M. H.

Why Liaison

Since 1991, Liaison has connected the heart of creative with the mind of business. We’re the connection—the liaison—between these two worlds and we love it. We bring our passion for exceptional creative and our commitment to service to bear on every project, for every client. Let us show you how you can do more with your Marcom budget, faster and with the highest quality.

Our Values

We don’t exist in a vacuum. Liaison lives within the larger creative community, advancing the creative culture and celebrating the people who make it special—like E4 Youth, an Austin-area nonprofit that connects creative youth with careers in the graphic arts industries.

Our People

The Liaison team is made up of hundreds of creative marketing professionals from all walks of life. Our management team values diversity and inclusiveness and they work diligently to support every Liaison team member.