Even the largest internal marketing groups need a helping hand now and then.


cultureAre launch schedules and customer-facing events putting a strain on your creative teams’ ability to meet critical deadlines? Are key members of your team going on vacation or taking leave? Has a complicated special project popped up out of nowhere?

For short or long term projects, let Liaison deploy a Micro Team with one or more of our onsite heroes to help you get the work done on time and under budget. We call it Insourcing and it can truly deliver the speed, quality and value you’ve been looking for. Here’s how it works:

    • A Micro Team can bring specialized skills to your organization, allowing you to increase your group’s bandwidth when it’s needed the most.
    • Our pool of talented professionals can hit the ground running, interacting seamlessly with your existing team to focus on urgent projects.
    • For larger projects, Liaison can assemble a team of individuals to work collaboratively to produce the exact marcom deliverables you need: graphic design, copywriting, video capture, video editing, event management, website development and analytics, and more.
    • Once the project is complete and the need has diminished , we deploy the team elsewhere, minimizing your operation costs and helping to keep your group as streamlined as possible.
    • All with or without a project management component to keep all of the trains running on time.

Micro Teams are the best way to give your creative marketing group the flexibility it needs while keeping costs as low as possible.

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