What’s an enterprise marketing manager to do?


redphoneWhat if you could realize the benefits of outsourcing without the inherent drawbacks? Increase your team’s capacity without losing control? Save money without reducing quality?

You can, with an internal creative marketing team from Liaison. We call it Insourcing and it can truly deliver the speed, quality and value you’ve been looking for. Here’s how:

    • We build, deploy and manage customized, full-service creative marketing teams for enterprise marketing groups.
    • We deploy our people – with our equipment, software, infrastructure, management team and expertise – to work offsite or onsite at your office’s, fully integrated with your marketing organization.
    • It’s completely flexible, scalable and customizable to meet your specific needs.
    • With our advanced suite of project and cost-tracking software tools, you’ll have instant insight into how and where your marketing budget is being spent.
    • We can even deploy a full chargeback model so our services are billed directly to your internal clients’ budgets – reducing operating cost and lowering your department’s budget profile.

Budgets and headcount are always under pressure and the expectations to “do more with less” are ever-increasing. This makes building an internal creative and marketing team with direct company employees next to impossible. Some companies pursue the potential benefits of outsourcing or offshoring their tactical marcom work: improved quality, increased speed and significant cost savings. But too often those benefits never materialize.

Sending the work to an outside advertising or marketing agency supplier doesn’t work that well either. They, too, are slow and expensive – and they often push creative concepts that miss the mark. Execute your marketing strategy at a fraction of the cost, while realizing the efficiencies of having an integrated, insourced team working right alongside you.

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