Case Studies & Testimonials

Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs

Sometimes our team needs extra bandwidth or specialized skills to get the work done on time. Liaison is my trusted partner for creative and marketing talent on demand.

A global technology company was spending over $200 each for web banners from their traditional agency. Liaison deployed a Micro Team of creatives and cut that cost by 94%.

connect3Sometimes opportunities for cost and time savings are hiding in plain sight. A quick analysis showed our client that they could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by producing their web banners internally using talented designers from Liaison. Liaison deployed the creative talent, the computer equipment and the software they needed to get the job done. The average turn-around time dropped from over two-weeks to less than 12 hours.

With improved response times, lower costs and higher quality content, our client can launch marketing campaigns more quickly, driving sales and increasing market exposure.

Speed. Quality. Value. It’s what makes Liaison different from a traditional agency.